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 About Us 

Starting in 1985 our founder, Geoffrey, would hand carry small pieces in his backpack to retailers around cities in United States such as New York and Miami.  Soon he would also travel to the Caribbeans.  In 1988, he officially started Collective Jewelers. 

Over the years, we have grown to focus on larger one of a kind pieces. Our reach has also expanded into the European and Japanese markets as well.

 Mission Statement 

Our goal as a wholesaler, is to create truly one of a kind pieces for retailers around the world.  Every item is made by hand.  We also aim to provide exclusivity to our customers, therefore we will not sell similar styles of products to retailers in the same area. We also realize that certain markets have different tastes, as such, we will work with our customers to create pieces they will be confident they can sell.

 Our Creative Head 

Geoffrey continues to be the driving force behind our designs.  Using his travels as inspiration, his experience in the market, and his own imagination, he comes up with ideas for our design team to sketch. Afterwards, he will continually tweak their designs and work with them until they achieve his desired outcome.  A mold is then made at which point he makes adjustments again to address any potential design flaws. By overwatching every production process himself, he ensures the final product is nothing less than exceptional in both quality and design.

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