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Our bangles come in many different designs.  From simple tennis bracelets to large bangles that are sure to catch everyone's attention, we do it all.  Our specialty. however leans towards the latter of the two with one of our signature bangles being the 'Cheval Bangle.'  Larger variations of the 'Cheval Bangle' covers more than half the forearm.  The 'Cheval Bangle' seen in the middle is a medium sized variation.


Another signature bangle of ours is the 'Serpant' bangles.  Based on snakes, bangles of 'Serpant' series are highly flexible and wraps around the arm with ease.  As with all our other items, these bangles are made out of 18k gold meaning there is no metal wire.  Coming in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, this series is both versatile and fashionable.

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